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TEDxBeijing November salon, that took place at Salon Monaco located inside Parkview Green, hosted a panel highlighting global perspectives on contemporary art featuring Fernando Botero, one of the most important living figurative artists and satirists in the world. The panel was graced and opened with a very warm introduction and tribute to Fernando Botero by Her Excellency Carmenza Jaramillo, the Colombian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. Master Botero then talked about with his curator, Janet Fong, different approaches to artistic practice and consumption; what influenced his work; his advice to young artist; and his impression of China and contemporary art.

We were also very pleased at the Deputy Director of the National Museum of China, Mr. Chen Lusheng could join the discussion. Deputy Director Chen expressed his sincere appreciation to Mr. Botero for his contribution and inspiration to the art world and welcomed more talented foreign artists like Botero to come to China to enrich the halls of National Museum of China and add on to the ongoing mission of the promotion of cultural learning.

The well-attended salon, led by Mr. Botero, joined the special reception at the end where La Galleria presented Master Botero with one of his statues made out of chocolate, which he blessed and tasted, while levitating cakes, paintings made with vegetables, and chocolate masks were exhibited.


Missed the event? Check out the speakers, their talks, and a virtual reality of the event made by Nancy Huike Lee (Smart Space) below!

Speakers Talk 360°